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Welcome to the most complete European 4x4 website, filled with lots of information about 4x4 off-road driving centres and other places where you can play with your 4x4. Almost all large off-road sites in Europe and lots of small ones are listed in our database. Click here to go to our database.

 You can also find some entertaining information about do's and don's when you are driving your 4x4.

As we are building this site at the moment, you can visit our Dutch website for lots of more information and fun.

Kind regards,
Grimm 4x4
, The Netherlands

September 2007: Our first version of goes live! On this site you can find lots of information about 140 offroadcentres in Europe!
Langdale Quest, UK. August 2007 we visited one of the largest commercial 4x4-sites in Europe. You can read our report here (in Dutch, but with nice pictures)
New category: Movies. Our first film is about a offroad crash in France. Do'nt do this at home...
April 2007 we visited the new offroad site in Germany FP Mammut. Read our report (in Dutch with pictures)
Shocking news... The Belgian site in Sclayn has been closed. It's not sure that this wonderfull site will open again.



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