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Up side down...

Some things you better not do while offroading, you can see here. All texts are in Dutch, but the pictures will be clear enoth.

You can also visit our new VIDEO page for shocking offroad movies...

Loading a bike... Not for offroaders
Icediving... Sometimes it's too cold to use your snorkel...
Defender diving! Do'nt go too deep...
La Doga, an official 4x4 rally in Russia. You really should watch this movie!
rolt door over dak Toon's crash Bilstain (Belgium). Climbing a hill ended in a rollover.
Rein's katapult method. This is how Toon got his bandage.
Ben puts his car on the side in Sclayn. Do'nt watch to the left when a puthole is on your right hand...
Too high expectations for a Porche Cayenne driver
over de kop de kuil in... Per rolls over in Zandvoort (the Netherlands).
vast in het duinzand Big puthole in Zandvoort.
oeps... 90 ondersteboven Oman Adventures. Sheik El Rollcage?
Bromsnor neemt ook 'ns een kijkje Opel Frontera goes swimming.
Vochtig... South African story.
Jeep rolls over in Sclayn (Belgium).
Jeep rolls over in Drachten (the Netherlands).
Another rollover with aDefender 110

Some wrecks in South Afrika

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